Since we discovered how to bring electricity into our homes, we’ve had to contend with power surges. These unexpected voltage increases can have devastating consequences to our homes and valuables. They threaten everything from your new refrigerator’s delicate circuit board, to the computer where you make your living, to the places you store cherished photos, creative projects, and game data. That’s why so many Texans are investing in whole home surge protectors.

With storm season upon us, now more than ever it’s important to prepare for potential damages. But are whole home surge protectors really worth the investment? Our expert electricians at Bacon are here to tell you what you need to know about these systems, and why they’re quickly becoming standard in homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What is a Power Surge, and What Causes One?

Just about every electronic device and appliance in your home relies on a steady stream of electrical power. Normally, the voltage levels in your home should stay at an average of 120 volts. A power surge is what we call it when extra voltage comes in through the wiring, reducing the performance and lifespan of any plugged-in devices and potentially even damaging them.

Power surges can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Overusing extension cords or plugging too many devices into the same circuit
  • Faulty wiring, including damaged or exposed wires
  • Faults or fires in main transformers and generating equipment
  • Lightning strikes
  • Electricity returning after a power outage or blackout

Do I Need a Surge Protector in Texas?

The short answer is yes! In 2019, Texas recorded over 47 million lightning strikes, that’s more than anywhere else in America. When lightning strikes near a power line (whether the line is above ground or below), it generates extra electrical pressure to the tune of millions of volts. That’s enough to knock out any store-bought strip surge protector and then some, no matter how fancy the brand name.

That said, the rush of energy after an outage or blackout is a much more likely occurrence for homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth. Between severe thunderstorms and the basic fact that our homes’ electrical systems are more overloaded than ever, whole home surge protection is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make.

What Kind of Surge Protector Do I Need?

A whole house surge protector is one of the most effective ways to prevent external power surges and safeguard electronics. Even a power surge that lasts for a fraction of a second can wreak havoc on computers, televisions, kitchen appliances, and even HVAC compressors.

There are three types of surge protection devices:

  • These systems offer the highest level of protection. They are installed where the supply of electricity from your utility company meets your main breaker box.
  • Type 2: These systems are installed inside your main breaker panel and can protect either one individual circuit or all the circuits.
  • Type 3: These are the surge arrestors you can buy at most stores and plug into your outlets. They can protect against some surges but don’t offer comprehensive protection.

The National Fire Protection Association now recommends that all homes have Type 1 or Type 2 devices installed as standard practice.

Go the Extra Mile with Bacon’s Pure Energy Whole House Energy Management System

Bacon Electric is proud to offer our new Pure Energy Whole House Energy Management System to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. What makes this system different from other surge protection systems? For starters, it offers surge protection and more. Pure Energy protects against surges, reduces electrical noise, and makes your home more energy-efficient.

With Pure Energy, you receive the best possible energy savings and total home protection all in one, thanks to these key features:

  • Equipment protection: surge and spike protection can help protect and extend the life of electrical equipment, guaranteed.
  • Electrical noise filtration: today’s modern electronics use electricity in a more complex way than 20th-century appliances did. Pure Energy systems manage the current to reduce damaging noise, interference, and heat.
  • Energy Savings: Pure Energy systems are smart, optimizing the amount of power drawn from your utility company and storing wasted energy to further decrease demand—and your power bill.

Don’t Let Texas Weather Rain on Your Parade

The ways we work, relax, create, and sustain our family’s comfort all rely on safe and consistent electricity. Don’t let Texas’ wild weather threaten what you’ve worked so hard to build. Call Bacon to ask about whole-home surge protection services today! Our experienced electricians can help you find the perfect system for your home or install a system you’ve already purchased.

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