bacon worker repairing a heat pump unit

    Heat Pumps Are A Great Choice For Going Green In Texas

    Property owners across Texas are making efforts to go green, from installing solar panels on their roofs to bringing their own bags to the grocery store. A heat pump is a green choice that protects both the environment and your budget. Heat pumps offer improved efficiency and lowered energy costs, synchronizing your heating and cooling systems into one convenient unit.

    A heat pump works by funneling air in and out of the home. During the winter months, it brings in air from outside and warms it to circulate through the building. In the summer, that same unit pushes hot air outside, effectively cooling the home. Since 2011, the highly trained technicians at Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric have provided heating services that make sense for Texans. So if you need to repair, replace, or install a heat pump in your home, call us today!

    Heat Pump Benefits for Homeowners in the Rockwall & Dallas Metro area.

    Heat pumps work best in temperatures that remain more stable year-round. For our Texas customers, a heat pump means you can reduce the amount of equipment in your home while improving energy efficiency. Heat pumps are gaining popularity in the Dallas metro because they:

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Provide more electricity than consumed
    • Move air to specific locations
    • Provide even, consistent comfort levels
    • Lower monthly utility bills
    As a comprehensive, full-service HVAC company, our team can install, repair, and maintain heat pumps for our clients. As a family-owned and operated business, we take care to treat every single customer like the friend and neighbor that they are. When you need expert heat pump services in DFW, Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric is here to help.