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    Whole-Home Standby Generators & Portable Generators

    We all know the weather in North Texas is unpredictable. And while weather apps can alert us to sudden thunderstorms and snowstorms, the consequences of these events are much more difficult to anticipate. Whether you’re out of power for an hour or a week, you face the risk of uncomfortable temperatures, spoiled food, frozen & burst pipes, and more. That’s why so many Rockwall & Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners choose peace of mind with a backup generator from Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric.

    With generator services from Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric, you can rest assured that sudden severe weather won’t interrupt your life. Our electricians are licensed and trained to install whole-home and portable generators. They know how to suggest the best type of generator to protect your home, and their top priority is always you and your family.

    Benefits of a Backup Generator in the Rockwall & Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

    In North Texas, having a backup generator can be life-saving. When the power goes out in winter, home plumbing systems become extremely vulnerable to frozen and burst pipes, leaks, and flooding. Summer storms can be just as dangerous, with high temperatures and spoiled food posing numerous health risks. The benefits of installing a backup generator are therefore many:

    • Efficient distribution of power as needed
    • Energy supplied to heating and cooling systems
    • Protection against dangerous voltage levels when power from utility companies returns
    • Automatic activation when power loss is detected
    • Prevention of plumbing damage caused by freezing temperatures
    • Value added to your home
    Because backup generators are a permanent installation in your home, you need the best electricians in the business to ensure yours is installed and wired properly. At Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric, our work is trusted by millions of homeowners each year. Our technicians can help you select the best type and size of generator for your home’s energy needs, and will always be there to make sure it is ready to handle anything North Texas throws your way.