It’s impossible to retain all the conditioned air inside your home, right? It might be easier than you think. With an excellent ventilation and air filtration system, you can introduce and retain clean air almost entirely, but if you think about the number of times you walk through your front door, it gets a little trickier to keep in all that sweet, cool air.

Air leaks can cost you up to 40% of your heating and cooling expenses. With shifting floor panels, doorways, and window sills in older homes, that percentage will only increase. Air sealing services allow you to cool and heat only your spaces rather than the outdoors. First, you’ll need expert leak detection services.

Detecting Leaks in Your Home

If you want to see immediate results, there are a couple of ways to detect and seal off leaks yourself. Start around your windows and doors. A temperature change is the first indication of a leak. You can also light an incense stick to see if any smoke flows through the cracks around where your windows and doors should be sealed.

Noticeable leaks, such as those that cause drafts in your home, can be addressed using the following simple solutions:

Keep doors and windows locked to seal them tightly against their frames
Caulk around your windows where there are visible cracks
Add or replace weatherstripping around your doors
Keep your dryer door closed to prevent air from escaping through the exhaust vent
Install foam gaskets behind outlet plates on your walls
For homes with fireplaces, the Department of Energy recommends opting for a flue plug, one that’s either safely made using a trash bag or a store-bought one that can be used hundreds of times. You could also cover the exhaust fan over your stove when you’re not using it since it leads directly to the outdoors.

Professional Air Sealing

Plugging and covering small gaps works nicely to improve your indoor comfort almost immediately. However, there could still be more significant leaks that can only be detected with equipment. If you’re having to spray foam sealant all over your home, it’s time to call in the Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric team.

A professional depressurization test will determine exactly where you’re losing energy so we can seal your home more precisely. This service can also be used to determine what level of insulation or ventilation is necessary for your home. In warmer climates, you want excellent ventilation since humidity can lower your indoor air quality.

Once the Bacon team has uncovered the most significant problem areas in your home, we’ll help you get started on whole-home air sealing technology.

If it’s not enough to seal your home to save energy and money, consider the peace of mind offered by improving your indoor air quality. With Bacon, you can boost savings on your energy bill, maintain clean air in your home, and feel much more comfortable all year round. Call Bacon today for your next service.

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