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    Water Filtration

    The quality of water in your home is something you may not have thought about, but it’s a crucial component of living a healthy, comfortable life. Sometimes, our tap water contains contaminants that make it unpleasant to drink, bathe in, or wash clothes and dishes in. If your water is leaving stains, streaks, or deposits, or if it tastes or smells bad, a whole house water filter may be the perfect solution. Whole house water filtration systems connect to your main water supply line, filtering chlorine, iron, sulfur, and more from all the water in your home.

    Water Softeners

    In the Rockwall & Dallas-Fort Worth area, many of us are used to dealing with the common side effects of hard water: scale and mineral buildup around faucets, water that feels slimy, dishes and clothes that never come out fully clean, and even dry, irritated skin. But with a Halo ION inline water conditioner installed directly into your existing pipes, you can control hard water scale, dissolving existing deposits and preventing further corrosion. Protect your home and appliances from hard water damage with Bacon’s water softener & Filtration system!

    Benefits of Water Softener Systems & Filtration Services

    Many homeowners think that they can’t do anything about the quality of their tap water. But with the advanced whole-home filtration and conditioning technology, you can take back control. If you are concerned about contaminants in your water, excess minerals, or simply want delicious and reliable tap water, call Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric today! Advantages of choosing a whole home water filtration system or conditioner include:

    • Removal of dirt, silt, clay, and other sediments from well water
    • Improved taste and smell of tap water
    • Chemical-free treatment that doesn’t require frequent replacement of disposable filters
    • Extended life of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
    • Cleaner clothes and brighter dishes
    • Healthier skin and hair, especially for those with certain skin conditions like psoriasis
    • Effective prevention of pipe corrosion, mineral buildup, and scale development
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    Another step you can take to improve your water quality is scheduling your annual water heater flush with Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric! Friends and Family Plan members receive a free annual plumbing inspection and water heater flush. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with the plumbing pros at Bacon today!