There are many types of electrical switches that homeowners can choose to install in their Rockwall, TX, residences. These devices are vital as they complete or break the electrical circuit, allowing you to use your electronic appliance. Without an electrical switch, all the electric-powered equipment in your house would be rendered useless.

All the electricity flowing through the wires behind the walls gets to you via these components. Even though these fixtures are vital, they hardly earn the respect they deserve. Most people will never stop to think about their outlets and switches unless an issue arises. Because of general wear and tear, these outlets and switches will eventually develop problems.

They’re also most likely to fail if they’re outdated or their lifespan is over. However, in most cases, your sockets and switches will fail to work correctly due to problems emanating from the electrical system itself. They include loose wires, fuse burnouts, or broken switch mechanisms. While a repair may fix some of these troubles, a switch or outlet replacement may be the only solution sometimes.

Types of electrical switches and outlets we work with:
  • Standard Toggle Switches
  • Decorative Switches
  • 3-Way Switches
  • 4-Way Switches
  • Motion Detector Switches
  • USB Outlets
  • 220-Volt Lines for Large Appliances
  • Smart Outlets
  • GFCI Outlets
  • And More

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