Find out why does everyone loves Bacon

A series on people at bacon answer the question: Why does everyone love Bacon?

Everyone loves bacon because every person you interact with will elevate your experience. It starts with the individual and ends with all of us.

Individual departments that play a role in the customer journey then answer the question starting with “Because of me” and then say what they do that brings value to the customer during their journey with Bacon.

General Manager – “I make sure we hire the and train the best technician and equip them to take care of our customers.”

Marketing – “We make sure our customers can find us when they need us most”

Customer Service (call center) – “We listen carefully the first time, and find answers quickly for my customers”

Dispatch – “We check in often with my customers from start to finish to make sure our technicians are finding the solutions they need.”

Warehouse – “We make sure our trucks are stocked so our technicians have on hand what they need to get the job done.”

Fleet – “We take care of our trucks so our technicians can get to our customers quickly and safely.”

Plumbing Technician – “We make sure my customers always have hot water and that their plumbing is leak-free”

Sewer Technician – “Our 25 year Bacon-wrapped warranty is unmatched”

HVAC Technician – “Our number 1 priority is making sure my customers are comfortable and safe.”

Electric Technician – “We always make sure my customers’ homes are bright and safe.”

Accounting – “We make sure our technicians get paid for taken care of our customers and that our customers invoices are accurate.”

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