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Electrical Outlet Repairs & Installations in Rockwall

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The electrical outlets in your wall are your way of tapping into the source of energy that’s flowing bountifully through the wires in your walls. Electrical outlets are what give us access to power for everything from our televisions to our kitchen appliances to our lamps to computers and so much more. We’re so dependent on outlets, yet we almost never think about them until an issue happens with one. When an issue does happen, don’t stress about trying to rearrange your life to accommodate for it—let one of our experienced electricians get it fixed so you can go back to life as normal.

At Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, your electrical problems are our problems. Our experienced electricians have been highly-trained and have the tools to ensure that your home’s sockets are not only working right, but in good condition and not at risk of a problem that could lead to a fire or injury. We can even help with specialty sockets, including 220 volt lines for large appliances, sockets with safety features installed, and even sockets designed with things like USB ports or data inputs built in! Whatever you may need, we can ensure it’s wired up properly and adheres to proper building codes and safety guidelines to protect you and your loved ones.

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Outlet Replacement

Electrical outlets are so common that people simply don’t notice when one might be wearing out or in need of service. Like any other type of electrical equipment, and outlet can and will eventually wear out and need replaced, especially one which is responsible for moving so much electrical voltage and current over such a long period of time.

You should replace an outlet if:

  • Plugs are loose or fall out without much issue
  • You hear a quiet humming noise coming from the outlet
  • An outlet is inexplicably warm
  • An outlet always seems to trip a circuit breaker
  • An outlet has sustained damage

GFCI Outlets

In all outdoor applications as well as in all indoor locations where water might be present, you need to have a ground fault circuit interrupter installed. Also known as GFCI outlets, these are the plugs that have the two little buttons installed on them, one saying “test” and the other “reset.” These outlets are designed to protect you if an electrical line accidentally grounds, causing a short circuit that could cause a fire or electrocution injury. Our team is familiar with how to properly install these important safety devices and were to outfit them in your home.

Need outlet repair services in Rockwall? Contact Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric and talk to one of our representatives today.

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