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    For Reliable Electric Safety Inspections, Choose Bacon Electric

    While the wiring that runs behind your walls provides peace of mind and easy access to electricity, the hidden wires often allow us to forget about the dangers of faulty outlets and receptacles. Electrical malfunctions are the largest cause of property damage in home fires, and outlets that aren’t working properly pose a serious risk of electrical fires and shocks. That’s why the health and performance of your home’s electric system can’t be ignored.

    Prevent and address these safety hazards by scheduling an electric safety inspection from the trained technicians at Bacon Electric. Our customers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. Let us help prevent and address hidden dangers to you and your home with top-quality electrical safety inspection services.

    How to Know Your Electric System Needs a Safety Inspection

    If you recently purchased a new home, your home is 40 years or older, you’ve just added a major appliance to your home, or you have completed a major renovation, call Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric for a routine safety inspection. We can provide a safety inspection at any time to prevent electrical hazards and recommend a schedule to ensure the utmost safety. During an inspection, we will:

    • Verify proper light bulb wattage
    • Inspect switch and wall outlets
    • Identify any electrocution hazards
    • Check safety & security lighting
    • Measure surge protection
    • Check smoke detector placement
    • Test smoke detectors
    • Test carbon monoxide detectors
    • Inspect electrical panels
    • Inspect outdoor electric systems
    Our technicians will provide a thorough examination of your entire electrical system during your inspection, including wires, systems, and components. Bacon’s licensed and trained team always operates under the National Electric Code to ensure the utmost safety and durability. Something as important as your home’s safety shouldn’t be delayed. Call Bacon Electric today to schedule your inspection!