When you are in your house in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, you may take for granted that the air you are breathing is clean. However, even if you clean every day and change the filters in your furnace and central air conditioner, you may have airborne particulates that are affecting the overall indoor air quality of your home. There may even be areas in your house where the air remains stagnant and is never circulated through your system’s current filtration system. Fortunately, if you believe that your home’s air quality may be poor, we at Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric can help you to improve it. When trying to ascertain whether your home’s air quality is poor, be on the lookout for the signs discussed below.

1. Everyone in the Household Always Seems to Have a Cold

When your home’s air quality is poor because of excess allergens and germs floating in the air, members of your household may start to experience an uptick in respiratory symptoms. From sneezing and coughing to asthma attacks, these symptoms may often lessen or completely subside once the victims are out of the house. However, if it’s due to poor IAQ, once they return home and are exposed to the poor-quality air, their symptoms may quickly return.

To help with the excess allergens and germs, we can come to your home in Dallas-Fort Worth and install an air scrubber to clean the air. We may also decide that your household could benefit from installing a purifier featuring ultraviolet lighting. This would go into your HVAC system to help kill the germs that can contribute to the respiratory symptoms your family members may be experiencing.

2. Air in the House Frequently Feels Sticky

Although the Dallas-Fort Worth area is known to have relatively low humidity, you may experience high levels in your home on days when the humidity rises above the baseline. When days of high humidity levels do occur, your air conditioner should pull the excess moisture out of the air to help make it feel drier. If there is an issue with the system, however, your house may feel humid, which can adversely affect the indoor air quality. Even the surfaces of your furniture may feel sticky. Since humidity can trap particulates and keep them lingering in the air, it is often a contributing factor to poor indoor air quality.

To help remedy the excess moisture, we may check your central air conditioning system to see if any maintenance or repairs are needed. In addition to this, we may also discuss with you the possibility of installing a dehumidifying system for your house.

3. Household Members Have Itchy, Irritated Skin

When your home’s air quality is poor, the gases from volatile compounds given off by petroleum-based products, solvents, and even some upholstery materials can cause irritants to spread throughout your residence. When these compounds are allowed to remain in the air, they can irritate the skin and cause inexplicable rashes. These rashes are especially prevalent in household members with particularly sensitive skin as well as young children and older adults.

We can help remove these volatile compounds by installing an air purification system in your Dallas-Fort Worth house that can help remove the irritants and bring relief to your family members.

4. Headaches Are a Common Occurrence for Your Family

Volatile compounds that affect the air quality of your house do not only irritate the skin. When you and your household members breathe in the fumes released by these compounds, your family may complain of more frequent headaches. Even if one of your household members has felt fine for most of the day away from the house, they may start experiencing a headache soon after they return home. A purification system or air scrubber can be installed by one of our qualified service technicians to help remove these compounds and their fumes from the air to help ease the constant headaches that your family members have been suffering because of the house’s poor air quality.

5. Unexplainable Bad Odors Linger in the Air

When you cook smelly foods like fish or have to use harsh, strong-smelling chemicals, the odors should usually dissipate within a few minutes after their sources are gone. However, when your home is experiencing issues with its air quality, these bad odors can linger in the air for hours. You may even detect smells that have no explanation, such as the odor of old, smelly socks.

When you are detecting these odors that seem to remain in your Dallas-Fort Worth home for days, there may be an issue with your HVAC system’s filter, or accumulated dust may have captured the odors within the ductwork. To help remove these odors and improve your home’s air quality, we may use such remedies as air purification system installation, ductwork cleaning, or air scrubbers.

6. Family Members Experience Difficulty Sleeping

When you and your family members are breathing in allergens, volatile compounds, and other air pollutants, doing so can affect your quality of sleep. You and other household members may feel tired throughout the day because you are not sleeping soundly. When you continuously breathe in poor-quality air, you may struggle to sleep soundly and may experience respiratory systems during the night. An air purifier, UV lights, and better filters installed by our professionals may help cleanse the air so that you and your family can sleep better throughout the night.

7. Hot and Cold Spots Are Found Throughout Your House

While not a direct sign of poor air quality in your house, hot and cold spots are often found. When you do find these hot and cold spots, they typically indicate that your home’s heating and cooling systems are not able to fully circulate the hot and cold air to bring the house’s temperature to a consistent level. If your home’s heating and cooling systems are not able to fully circulate, this issue often means that portions of the air inside your house are not passing through the system’s filters. This problem can result in stagnant air that keeps being moved around without being cleansed.

To help with this issue, our technicians can check your furnace and central air conditioning system to see if any adjustments need to be made. They can also look to see if better filters need to be installed as well as check to see if your home would benefit from an air purifier or air scrubber that will help pull the stagnant air into the system and clean it.

Along with providing services to help improve your home’s air quality, we also offer a wide range of services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to help with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your home’s HVAC system. In addition, we provide plumbing and drain cleaning services as well as repairs and maintenance of home electrical systems. Contact us at Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric today for more information about how we can help you!

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