Any experience with water damage gives homeowners a solid idea of why DIY plumbing repairs can be more costly than cost-effective. The slightest mistake could ruin your floors or furniture. No matter how easy the tutorials and blogs make the job look, a professional should handle every plumbing repair.

With the ever-evolving plumbing technology introduced to homes each decade, it’s easy to see why it would take years for a master plumber to be fully trained and licensed. To fully service our customers’ homes, our experts are required to have 8,000 hours of work experience in the field, plus two days of in-class training. Not only is the Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric team able to handle anything, but we also get the job done right the first time around.

Unfortunately, perfect repairs aren’t accomplished by watching a YouTube video. A simple repair might be, but even then, something could quickly go wrong. Need more convincing? Here’s a breakdown of why DIY plumbing repairs can lead to DIY messes.

No training means no quality assurance.

A wise person once said, “everybody makes mistakes,” which is true. Except, you hire us not to make mistakes. Without the proper training, mistakes are increasingly more likely even after all the blogs and videos have been considered.

Suppose you make an error during a DIY repair. In that case, you could try to fix it yourself, call someone else to fix it depending on the damage, or you might not even notice it, any of which would mean damage to your plumbing appliance or home. We can save you the hassle of repairing a repair with just a call.

Tools of the trade go a long way.

Your home is unique because the plumbing system is one of a kind with specific materials and appliances. Using the wrong type of material, for instance, in a leaking pipe repair, you might leave your plumbing in a weakened state. Each type of pipe is chosen for durability, location, and size. We replace burst pipes professionally so that you don’t have to worry about another leak or your plumbing corroding over time.

Additionally, we promise that we arrive with our fully stocked service vehicle every time we show up at your home. That’s a promise for a reason. Our vans hold the most valuable plumbing tools and equipment around, which we use to safely perform effective yet efficient repairs.

If you don’t use the latest and greatest tools as we do, you could be risking your safety in addition to the damage posed to your appliances.

It comes down to the cost.

We realize the main reason homeowners would resort to a DIY plumbing repair is to save money. Ensuring you have the right tools and materials already sets you back, whereas our team would already have everything on hand. It’s not so much about what you have, though, since tools can’t entirely replace experience.

A botched repair job is going to cost you double what you expected your DIY project to save you. This might also include replacing damaged or worn plumbing components and re-doing water-damaged floorboards.

Whatever you need to be repaired, from toilets to sump pumps, Bacon knows how to get it done.

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