Your air filters are a vital part of your HVAC system. In order to keep your heating and cooling equipment clean and working efficiently, you should change your air filters every 30 days or according to the instructions on your air filter packaging. Clean air filters help reduce the amount of pollen, dust, and other congestion in your home and improve your overall indoor air quality.

Air filters are especially important during the warmer months when efficient cooling of your space is crucial. Keeping the filters in your system clean can help maintain the equipment and save you money on your energy bill. When your air filters are dirty and past their prime, your HVAC system works harder than it needs to cool your home. New air filters can be purchased at your local home improvement store or from an HVAC contractor like Bacon!

To change your filters, you’ll need to locate your air filter compartment. Most air filter compartments are next to the HVAC unit, but sometimes you’ll find your filter’s compartment in a wall or ceiling register. The air filter lies between the return air and the supply air, so when air is needed throughout the home, it passes through the filter first to reduce allergens and pollutants.

Once you locate the air filter compartment, open up the air filter chamber and remove the old filter. If you haven’t changed your air filter in a couple of months, you’ll be able to see the amount of dust and debris that have collected on it over time.

When you remove the protective packaging of the new air filter, look for an arrow around the outside edge. The arrow tells you which direction to face the filter in the chamber. It should always point towards the supply air. You just slide the air filter in facing the supply air and close the chamber door. It’s easy to change your air filter, but be sure to remember to replace it again in a month or so.

If you suspect that your HVAC system is having issues properly cooling your space and a dirty air filter isn’t the cause, call Bacon, and our team of professionals can help get to the bottom of the issue.

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