A toilet is often an appliance we take for granted, until it ceases to function. Typically, our toilets don’t need much maintenance for everyday function, so when it suddenly stops working, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

The good news is that there are many quick fixes to common toilet problems. Our qualified team of professionals has outlined the top toilet problems that are safe to fix at home. Toilet problems can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, so we recommend reaching out to a professional if your toilet problems persist.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet won’t stop running, this can cost you money and wastes water. If the water level in the tank is dropping as it runs, check the flapper. The flapper is attached to the chain and covers the flush valve opening. You may need to reattach the flapper to the valve opening, or consider replacing the flapper if it appears worn down.

If your toilet tank levels are above-average and it’s continually running, check the fill valve in the fill tank. The fill valve is the part of the toilet that is responsible for refilling the tank after flushing. An old fill valve can prevent the water shut-off mechanism from functioning properly and may be the reason your toilet won’t stop running.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are perhaps the peskiest toilet problem. If you notice your toilet is leaking, we recommend you seek a remedy immediately and then call a professional if the problem persists.

If your toilet is leaking at the base, inspect the mounting bolts that connect the toilet to the floor. Sometimes, loose bolts can cause leaks, so tightening them could fix the leak. Likewise, if the bolts are damaged, you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible.

While you’re examining the mounting bolts, check for cracks in the toilet base. Cracks in the toilet base could also be the culprit of a leak, so if you find one, we recommend contacting an expert plumber to replace the toilet.

If the mounting bolts and the toilet base are in good condition and your toilet is still leaking, the toilet anchor flange and the wax ring may need to be replaced. Both of these parts connect the toilet to the waste pipe. This replacement can be done at home but involves uninstalling the toilet from the waste pipe, so we recommend calling in a professional plumber for backup.

Stuck or Loose Toilet Handle

Avoid a toilet that doesn’t flush by cleaning any build-up from inside the tank around the handle mounting. If no debris is found, you can tighten the handle to ensure it moves properly. If the toilet handle is stuck, check that the handle mounting nut inside the tank isn’t too tight or broken.

The handle mechanism could be broken, so if changing the nut doesn’t solve the problem, replacing the handle should. Make sure you don’t forget to reattach the chain to the handle mechanism after you’ve replaced the handle.

Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

If your toilet won’t flush properly, it’s probably clogged. You typically notice a clog after flushing, so turn off the water supply valve that is located at the base of the wall behind the toilet to avoid the bowl overflowing. After turning off the valve, we recommend using a toilet plunger.

If the water level is low, add some water to help loosen the obstruction. Next, cover the drain hole with the cup of the plunger and move the handle up and down repeatedly. After 30 seconds, check to see if the toilet will flush. It may take a few minutes of using the plunger to see results.

Our top tip to avoid a toilet that doesn’t flush properly is not flushing anything besides toilet paper, including products that claim to be “flushable.” These products, like flushable wipes, aren’t truly safe to flush and can cause major blockages in your sewer line.

Toilet Is Noisy When Not in Use

Water constantly passing from the toilet tank into the bowl can be a real nuisance. If your toilet flushes when not in use, check the flapper and the flush valve assembly. This “ghost flushing” can occur because of built-up sediment on the flapper’s seal. The flapper may have become loose and isn’t securing the toilet bowl, so it may just be a matter of repositioning the flapper back in the correct spot.

When To Call a Professional

If your toilet problems persist, it’s best to call a professional. Your toilet problem may be as simple as a part replacement, or it may be something more complicated. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when dealing with equipment essential to the running of your daily life. Don’t wait until the problem causes chaos in your everyday routine—call a professional to ensure your toilet stays properly running.

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