As 2021 comes to an end, and with winter months creeping closer as temperatures continue to drop, many Texans are having flashbacks to last February when the hard freeze took out power for many, and those who had power were charged a small fortune in utility costs.

Many North Texas homeowners are now looking for ways to prepare for another lousy winter. At Bacon, we want everyone to be as prepared as possible; from preventing burst pipes to keeping your heater running all year long, there are many things you can do to help your home combat the frosty temperatures. Below are some proven tips and tricks for lowering your winter heating bill.


One of the most impactful things you can do to help your home battle the colder temperatures is insulating the barren parts of your plumbing and heating systems. According to the Department of Energy, “Insulation in your home provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs.” Without insulation, all the heat your furnace produces is eventually wasted.

HVAC Maintenance

When the temperature drops, you must ensure that your heater works as expected. Routine maintenance keeps your unit working at its best and prepared for the most brutal months of the year. If you have noticed that your heater is making strange noises or a significant increase in your energy bills, there is most likely an issue. It is better to resolve the issue now than run into a failure when the weather is at its worst.

Changing Furnace Filters

Regularly changing your furnace filters keeps your system working at its best. A unit with a dirty filter will have to work harder to produce the same result, effectively raising your energy costs.

Lowering the Tempatures

Lowering the temperature in your home during the winter months is an obvious way to reduce your energy costs. On the other hand, setting your thermostat too high will force your heater to work harder than it needs to in order to keep your home at a safe temperature during a freeze.

Keeping Doors and Windows Shut

Historically, snow in Texas is a rare occurrence, but as of late, all the more common. And while it may not be fun to drive in, a Texas winter wonderland is a delightful experience. Although it can be tempting to bounce from outside to inside, unfortunately, heat escapes every time you open your door, and this will force your heater to make up for the lost heat, costing you more.

While you may not think much about your heating system during the summer, there’s nothing worse than experiencing problems with your heater when you need it the most. When temperatures get down into the ’30s and ’40s, your heating system will be running non-stop, even more so if the temperatures drop into the negatives like last year. Our routine heating maintenance will help prevent any unexpected breakdowns that will leave you out in the cold.

With these services, costly repairs can be prevented by maximizing the life of your unit. Of course, if any part of your heating system does break down, our team is available for heating repairs 24/7.

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