Plumbing issues can creep up on any homeowner, especially if general maintenance has been neglected. You might notice a giant water stain immediately, but other critical signs are harder to notice. It’s more difficult to point out signs of issues if you don’t know what you’re looking for! The silent signs can be the deadliest, considering you might not notice them until severe damage has been done.

Bacon won’t let it get that far, though. We’ve broken down your plumbing system into major components so you can easily identify when something’s gone wrong.


Your drains are tricky because you can’t always see all the way down them. There could be a giant clump of hair that is slowly getting bigger, but how can you tell? The rate at which your water drains is a good indicator. Slow drains mean there’s a clog somewhere in your system.

A bad-smelling drain is also a significant sign that something has gone wrong down in your sewer line. Call Bacon immediately if you notice a foul odor coupled with a slow drain.


Toilets are always a hot topic among households. Plus, they are prone to a host of issues that make it hard to go about our day. Toilet clogs are things every homeowner has to deal with. The problem arises when you have to plunge your toilets frequently. Regular plunging on one or more toilets is a serious sign that your sewage system or septic tank is clogged. Call Bacon for assistance with any sewage concerns.

On the other hand, a gurgling toilet can be a sign that there’s a clog elsewhere. When you see or hear air bubbles in your toilet bowl, it means that gas from your sewer line isn’t venting normally. You have a sewer line vent that expels sewage gasses from your home. If it becomes clogged at the top, possibly with an animal or debris, the gasses are pushed back to your toilet.

While gurgling is less silent than other signs, it can be less assuming. Always take the appropriate precautions when it comes to any clog.


Issues with your pipes can be the hardest to see. One more catastrophic problem has to do with the plumbing under your foundation. A slab leak occurs when the ground around your pipes shifts, leading to leaks and breaks. If you have a slab leak, you might be able to see patches of bright, green grass or unusual pools of water. Slab leaks can be extremely damaging to your home, so call Bacon right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Water bills are a great way to stay connected to your plumbing. A sudden spike indicates your water use is up due to either a guest, increased demand, or a leak. You can check your water meter once all water-using appliances are off to confirm the leak.

Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric will always be there for your home’s needs. For any of our leak detection or plumbing maintenance services, call our pros today.

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