Your AC is out, blowing hot air, or you can no longer operate the thermostat. If this sounds like your home, there is no need to panic! Hopefully, you only have to experience an AC emergency once in your current home, and even if you do, it doesn’t have to be mayhem. With the Bacon team just a call away, we can get your air conditioner back to normal in no time.

If your air conditioner has broken down, the first thing you’ll want to do is reduce the amount of heat in your home while you sort out the problem. You can start by closing blinds, windows, and doors. Use your ceiling fans to keep air circulating throughout the space. Then, identify the cause of your AC issues using this shortlist.

Change your air filters.

The easiest way to improve the function of your air conditioner is by changing the air filters regularly. You’ll be able to find your system’s air filters in your home’s wall or ceiling registers or in the compartment next to the return air of your HVAC system. As dust builds up on your air filter, the air flow diminishes. When homeowners call us about a hot home, we can often point to a dirty air filter as the problem.

Is your AC unit frozen?

Frozen units are often caused by low refrigerant and poor drainage. Low refrigerant and improper air circulation mean the system can’t keep the condenser coil warm enough, causing the system to freeze. If your system is blowing warm air, it could mean part of the unit is frozen. A frozen coil causes your AC to work harder without actually cooling the space. If you notice ice buildup, you should immediately turn it off and call Bacon.

Clean out your vents and registers.

Your vents can get clogged with dust, dandruff, fur, and other contaminants. Since your vents are the only way to circulate air in the home, they are the primary areas where debris builds up. For issues with consistent cooling, clean your vents and registers. Not only can clogged vents affect your air circulation but they can also diminish the air quality in your home.

Clear debris from the unit.

Another place to check for airflow is around your outdoor unit. The coil on the unit keeps large objects from constricting the airflow but leaves and other debris can find their way through. To prevent anything from entering the unit, it is a good idea to clear the area around the system of leaves, branches, mulch, etc.

Check the power of the system.

If your system has completely shut down, it could be caused by a power malfunction. The first thing to check is the thermostat. Most thermostats run on batteries, and eventually, these need to be replaced. If your thermostat is still on and is fully powered, you can check the circuit breaker to the AC unit.

The last step to a cooler home is to call the experts at Bacon. If any part of your system needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ll be able to tell soon enough. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop about any service recommendations so you’ll be completely at ease when we get to work.

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