Do you know what kind of HVAC system you have? If you have a central system, your air is cooled or heated by a single unit and delivered through a network of ducts. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about your ducts because of how effortless they deliver comfortable air.

Homeowners that never have their ductwork inspected or cleaned are likely neglecting damage done by several agents. There are a few ways to determine if your ducts need help from a professional. Here are the most common causes of ductwork damage that Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric helps customers with every year.


Mold grows anywhere with plenty of moisture and bacteria. While your air conditioning helps reduce moisture in your home, it can only do so much for those in North Texas. Our humid summers create the perfect climate for mold.

A significant sign that you have mold in your ducts is poor indoor air quality. Individuals in your household may have a flare-up of cold-like symptoms, allergies, or asthma. The situation worsens if you have ducts made of organic material like wood. Mold makes quick work of wood and will create holes in your ducts that allow precious air to escape.

Excessive Load

Your ducts run throughout your whole home. When heavy objects or renovations are positioned on top of the ducts, the weight can cause the ducts to collapse or dent. These issues lead to restricted airflow and energy loss. Avoid excessive load on your ducts by storing objects elsewhere.

Wild Animals

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with a rogue bird or squirrel in your home, we can fill you in on the dangers of these intruders when they enter your ducts. If an animal has made its home in your air ducts, you will experience a significant blockage as air attempts to get from your system to your vents.

Plus, animals often can’t find a way out when they sneak into your ducts. They can die and stink up your home. Foul odors coming from your HVAC system always warrant a call to Bacon.

Poor Installation

Your ducts are installed only once. It pays off to ensure the installation is flawless. If it isn’t, any slight mishap can lead to inefficient ducts. Sealing and joining ducts are crucial tasks that should always be done by a professional. You could be looking at hundreds of dollars in repairs and wasted energy without proper care.

Ducts’ Age

Ducts age. Your ducts could be made of the most robust material or the cheapest, but they all decline eventually. The structures are continually moving, expanding, and contracting with every slight temperature change. It isn’t a surprise that this causes the ducts to wear.

Like your furnace unit or your outdoor air conditioning system, Bacon suggests keeping tabs on your ducts with regular HVAC inspections. Every bit of preventative maintenance helps cut down on energy expenses. Call Bacon today to handle your duct issues.

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