If your home’s water heater has been giving you a lot of trouble or is getting old, it may be time to replace it. But how do you choose the best water heater for your needs? Should you go with another traditional tank water heater? Or should you opt for a more energy-efficient tankless water heater? The good news is that there’s now a best-of-both-worlds option—and it’s only available in Texas.

Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric is proud to offer the Essency EXR, a hybrid water heater that’s changing the game in temperature stability, energy efficiency, and lifespan. Let’s dive into what sets this smart hybrid apart, and why it could be a great choice for your next water heater installation.

What’s the Difference Between Tank and Tankless Water Heaters?

A traditional hot water heater stores water in a tank and constantly keeps it warm with either gas or electric power. When you turn on a faucet, the tank releases that stored hot water. This type of heater is what most homeowners and renters are familiar with.

Tankless water heaters work on-demand, meaning that they don’t heat water until you need it. When you turn a hot tap, gas or electric power rapidly heats the water. While these systems have a high initial cost to install, they’re more efficient and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

How is Essency Different?

The Essency EXR is the first water heater to combine the benefits of both systems: it stores water like a traditional tank system, but functions on-demand like a tankless. The water it stores in its 55-gallon tank is superheated, but that’s not the water that comes out of your tap. Instead, that stored water is the source of heat for the fresh water that comes out hot right when you need it.

What Are the Benefits of an Essency EXR Water Heater?

Extended Lifespan

The Essency’s tank is built with a polymer that lasts three times longer than traditional steel. That translates to a 30+ year lifespan for the unit, whereas most others last only 10 to 15 years. Plus, because the water you use doesn’t mix with the stored water in the tank, you don’t have to flush it every spring or worry about frequent maintenance for problems like:

  • Rust and scale build-up in pipes and tank
  • Harmful bacteria growth in stored water
  • Unpleasant odors
  • High Performance

    Even though the Essency EXR only uses a 55-gallon tank, it performs with an 80-Gallon First Hour Rating—top in the industry. That means it can supply a stunning 80 gallons of hot water per hour. It also means that you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water, even when multiple faucets are running.

    Smart Technology

    We know—you’re probably wondering why your hot water heater needs to be “smart.” But hear us out. WiFi connectivity gives you precise control and a variety of modes that help you fine-tune your water usage. Whether you want to save money, conserve while you’re on vacation, or boost the heat come winter, you can do it all from your phone—no tools required.

    As plumbers, we think the best benefit of a smart water heater is the leak detection alert. If the system detects a problem, it’ll notify you early. That gives you time to call Bacon before the problem gets worse, potentially saving you thousands!

    Fits into Existing Tank Heater Spaces

    One of the reasons transitioning to a tankless water heater can be expensive is that they require a complete reworking of your plumbing system. That’s not true of the Essency EXR. This system is lightweight, compact, and plugs right into the space where your traditional water heater used to be.

    Enter the Future of Hot Water Heating with Bacon

    We’re excited to be one of only a handful of plumbers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area certified to install Essency EXR water heaters. Because we have a Ferguson vendor on-site, we’re qualified and trained to install this brand new system, and we always have the tools we need on hand. If you’re interested in learning more about this game-changing option for heating water and saving money in your home, give our expert plumbers a call today!

    Everyone Loves Bacon! Expert Water Heater Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

    Choosing a new water heater is a big financial decision, and we’re here to help you make the right choice for your family. We’ll always provide you with multiple options that make sense for your water usage needs, budget, and preferences. Whether you’re interested in a modern system, a traditional brand like Rheem, or are still researching, we’re happy to provide honest, no-pressure recommendations.

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