In a time when our climate is only getting hotter, we need to find ways to keep our homes cool without increasing our energy bills. Fortunately, there are ways to actually reduce your energy expenses. So, if you’re looking for trusted methods to save on AC costs this summer, look no further.

Bacon has served North Texas for over a decade now, so we’re experts at keeping our customers cool. Use these tips to maintain your indoor comfort without sacrificing your budget.

1. Use your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are an excellent temporary solution to a hot room. While they won’t bring the room’s temperature down, they’re an energy-efficient way to cool you.

Depending on the direction they spin, ceiling fans pull warm air up and push it away, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Be sure to check the direction of your fan, however. The blades are angled so that if your fan is spinning counterclockwise, it will cool you; clockwise, the fan is meant to warm you when it’s cold out. There should be a switch on the fan’s base to change the direction it spins.

2. Close your blinds.

Sunlight heats homes. When your blinds are open or drawn up, the sunlight that enters through your windows can raise your interior temperature by at least a couple of degrees. The extra heat requires your air conditioning system to work overtime, unnecessarily increasing your energy expenses.

3. Utilize your smart thermostat.

Perhaps one of the greatest pieces of technology in your home, your thermostat is ultimately responsible for your comfort. It can also save you money in a few simple ways. For example, by turning your thermostat a couple of degrees higher than normal, you can save $10 on your monthly bill.

Otherwise, set up a schedule to limit AC expenses when you’re not home.

4. Change your air filters.

A quick filter change is a must-do during the summer when your air conditioner is constantly running. Dust and other airborne debris collect on the fibers, and if you don’t change your filter regularly, your system will work harder to cool your home.

5. Prevent heat buildup.

We do several things in our home that produce heat. Cooking, vacuuming, drying clothes, and more can undo all the hard work your AC has done.

Waiting until the temperature drops outside to complete these chores will make it easier for your system to keep your home cool.

6. Keep your system maintained.

As they say, the best medicine is prevention. You can prevent high energy bills and unnecessary repairs with a little maintenance every six months. Schedule your tune-up every spring so your system can work its magic as best as possible all summer long.

7. Install energy-saving windows.

When it comes to money-saving tips, this is a hidden gem. While keeping your blinds closed reduces the amount of sunlight that streams through your windows, some window technology actually cuts down on the level of heat produced by filtered sunlight.

At Bacon, your comfort and convenience are our specialties. So, when you need a little extra in the bank, we have you covered.

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