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Is water backing up in your sinks or shower? This can indicate that the drain is clogged. Maybe you have tried store-bought drain cleaning products, but the problem continues to return. The best way to get rid of clogs for good is to leave the job to a professional. Bacon Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers thorough drain cleaning services using the latest technologies and methods to get rid of even the most stubborn clogs.

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Drain Cleaning

There are different drain cleaning methods and the right solution for your problem depends on the source of the clog. Our plumbers have the training and equipment required to identify the source of the clog and recommend the best method for clearing your drains.

Drain clogs have many sources, including:

  • Scale buildup in the pipes
  • Hair clogs shower and tub drains over time
  • Tree roots growing into the pipes
  • A lost toy or other small objects
  • Broken drain lines

    Regardless of the source of the problem, our Rockwall plumbers have the equipment and expertise to locate the source of the clog and eliminate it efficiently. We use advanced technologies, such as video camera inspections, to locate the source of clogs and high-pressure equipment to blast away scale and other buildups inside the pipes.

    Water Jetting, U-Trap & Grease Trap Cleaning Service

    Water jetting utilizes high-pressure equipment to completely clean the wastewater pipe system in your home or business. This is a common problem, particularly in shower drains. If you notice water backing up in the shower, this can be a sign that hair or buildup is clogging the drains. We remove this buildup to help your drains carry the water away from your property more efficiently.

    While water runs down the drain, solids are moved into a U trap or grease trap within a business. When the traps become clogged, they need to be cleaned out. When sinks continue to become clogged, it can be a sign that the trap needs to be cleaned out. Our expert plumbers can determine the source of the problem and the best solution to eliminate clogged drains and traps.

    If you need thorough drain cleaning services, contact Bacon Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (972) 597-2002 today.

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