Your Rockwall, TX, home has a powerful electric system that allows you to use your lights, appliances, heating, and cooling system, and more. When there is a breakdown in this system, there are several issues that can occur. Have you ever gone to switch on a light in your home only to find that the switch itself felt hot? This is a common occurrence for many homeowners. It’s an issue that is often ignored, which can pose a serious safety risk. Let’s discuss some of the common causes of a hot light switch, including the different repairs that can be made to rectify the situation.

Overloading an Electrical Circuit

A light switch and its face plate can feel hot to the touch if that specific electrical circuit is overloaded. When the demand for electricity exceeds what the switch is designed to handle, the temperature of the switch can start to rise. You may be overloading a circuit if you have too many things plugged into it at one time. You may also be using a bulb that has too high of a wattage for that specific electrical current.

There is an initial draw of power to turn the light on, which can heat up the switch. However, running a bulb that is too high in wattage can raise your switch’s temperature over the course of many minutes or hours. Just because a switch feels cool when you initially turn it on doesn’t mean that overloading isn’t still an issue.

An easy way to prevent and solve this problem is by using lower-wattage bulbs. Newer LED versions require less power, which will in turn generate less heat. Making the switch to LED bulbs can also decrease your monthly energy consumption. In addition, you can decrease the number of items that are using that specific circuit to see if the temperature problem goes away.

Damaged or Faulty Wiring

If a brand-new light switch is hot to the touch, this may be caused by faulty wiring that occurred during the installation process. If you attempted to complete the job on your own, you may have made a mistake that is compromising your safety and the integrity of your home. If a switch was professionally installed at one time or another and many years have gone by, you may now be noticing that the switch feels warm to the touch. It’s common for electric work to wear down over time, and there may be a need for a repair or replacement of the wiring or the switch itself.

It’s best to have a professional diagnose the issue as well as make any repairs that are needed. This ensures the work is being done correctly and according to local code requirements. Prompt attention is important, as faulty or damaged wiring can be a fire risk.

Issues With the Type of Switch Being Used

There are certain light switches that are more prone to feeling hot or warm to the touch. For example, dimmer switches that allow you to raise and lower your lights regulate the flow of power differently than a switch that is just turning on or off. This process can produce heat that you feel on the switch and face plate. If the temperature feels very warm or even hot, this can indicate that the circuit is overloaded or that you have damaged wiring that should be addressed immediately. If you have an area of your home that you want to control using a dimmer switch, a professional can let you know if your current wiring allows that type of load. Upgrades can always be made to accommodate your design choices as well.

Loose Wiring Connections

While the wiring inside your switch may look perfectly fine, there may be a loose connection that is causing some degree of electrical resistance. This process can generate heat that you notice when you touch the switch. It’s simple for a professional to tighten these connections so that temperature is no longer a concern. Don’t attempt to tighten connections on your own. This puts you at risk of electrical shock if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Issues With the Light Switch

The wiring of your switch may be completely secure, but the switch has experienced some sort of wear and tear as time has gone by. Even a brand-new switch can be faulty as a result of the manufacturing process. If all other issues have been ruled out, you may want to have a professional electrician replace the switch to see if that fixes the problem. Light switches are affordable, so this is an easy way to attempt a repair.

Signs that your switch is getting old include the color of the switch changing or the switch not moving with ease when you attempt to adjust it up or down. You should also pay attention to the function of the light that is plugged into the outlet being controlled by the switch. Does the light flicker frequently or dim? While there may be an issue with the light or the bulb, the switch may be the reason for the issue. If you’ve replaced the bulb and are using a relatively new light, it’s likely your switch is to blame.

Our Professional Electrical Services

While a hot light switch may not seem like a major concern, it’s something that should be addressed by a professional as soon as you notice it. Otherwise, there is a risk of electrical shock or fire if the wiring is damaged or you are overloading your circuit. Our professional electricians can inspect all your wiring, check for overloading, and see if you need your electrical panel updated. They will diagnose the problem and make appropriate repairs to restore the safety and optimal function of your switch.

You can avoid the issue of a hot light switch by ensuring that you’re using bulbs that are rated for the fixtures that are plugged into the switch. Every few years, a professional should inspect your home’s electrical system to catch any minor repairs before they become a major safety risk. Always make sure that electrical work is being done by a qualified professional who is using high-quality materials for any new installations or repairs.

If you have noticed an issue with a light switch in your home feeling hot to the touch, we encourage you to reach out to our team at Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric for assistance. When dealing with electricity, it’s always a good idea to let the professionals safely handle the issue. We have been serving the Rockwall area for many years, offering prompt emergency services whenever you have a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning problem in your home. We can also take care of routine maintenance, new equipment installation, and indoor air quality concerns, among other tasks.

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