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Hydro Jetting: High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting Plumbers & Pipe Cleaning Service in the Dallas-Fort Worth & Rockwall, TX.

Economical, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly Pipe Cleaning

Every day, your home’s plumbing system whisks away all kinds of soap scum, grease, and waste matter. Over time, these materials coat the interior walls of drain pipes and create buildup, which can significantly impact your water flow. If you have noticed standing water, slow-moving drains, mysterious foul odors, frequent clogs, or gurgling sounds, these are all signs that your pipes are backing up and need to be cleaned.

At Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we specialize in hydro jetting, an advanced form of drain cleaning that gives you more bang for your buck. As both an important tool in annual drain cleaning and addressing acute plumbing issues, hydro jetting is not just effective—it’s also safe, economical, and environmentally friendly. Whether you need to clear a stubborn clog or stay on top of your preventative maintenance, ask us about our hydro jetting service today!

Hydro Jetting & Pipe Cleaning Service | Dallas & Rockwall, TX | Bacon - CopperPipe

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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is an advanced form of drain cleaning that uses a special hose and jet nozzle to scour away grime, debris, and clogs with high-velocity water. Because the water shoots out at 3,000 to 5,000 PSI, hydro jetting can even clear away tree roots that cause sewer line clogs! Despite this intense pressure, hydro jetting is extremely safe and better for your pipes (and the environment) than corrosive chemical drain cleaners. Other benefits of this service include:

  • More cost-effective than traditional snaking or rooter cleaning
  • Mess-free way to unclog drains of all kinds
  • Does not damage your plumbing system
  • Ideal for residential or commercial applications
  • Long-lasting results mean you’ll be clog-free for months to come

At Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, our plumbers specialize in performing this advanced method as well as locating the exact source of a clog. And while we recommend that homeowners have their drains cleaned at least once per year to prevent costly repairs and messy buildups, we’ll always be there when a problem does arise!

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First and foremost, Bacon Plumbing answers their phone 24/7. I called Bacon Plumbing on 3/21 @ 2 a.m. and someone answered and they came out 3/22 in the morning. They send you an email with the tech's pic prior to the appt. Pretty cool. After a thorough inspection of my leaky shower faucet, Christian determined I needed new stuff and gave me an estimate and an approx time of completion. I mean this guy is a professional; he was dressed nice, very polite, concerned with my comfort and even offered to check my other faucets for possible problems. He advised me when he was going to turn the water off in case I needed to "use it". His partner, Coby, was just as nice and professional; he even came back inside to turn off a faucet that I had already turned off. Great customer care. I will use them again and highly recommend this company for specified home repairs. ALSO, They service the Nevada, TX residents. One negative! They tracked in mud on my carpet which I had to clean. - Shirley Smith Rating
I have been part of the" family and friends" group for about 2 years and it is money well spent. Every time I have a plumbing, a/c issue-- I reach out to Bacon and have someone in my house within 24 hours. Everytime (about 4 different occasions for different issues) I have been extremely pleased with not only the service; but the courteous professionalism. They always provide you with up-to-date information and exact times with when you can expect your service technician. The administrative support is very friendly as well. They often follow up to make sure that you are OK and your needs were met. - Gina Alley Rating
Every contact I've had with employees of this company have been outstanding - from answering the telephone to doing the actual work, they are friendly, caring and just plain nice folks! Great work ethic - knowledgeable and professional. I'm sold on Bacon's services. - Beverly Sharp Rating

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