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Electricity powers our lives. From the smallest things we have like our toothbrush or our cell phone to the biggest and most important parts of our homes like our washing machines, air conditioners, or refrigerators, we depend on electric power to keep our lives comfortable. While your home is set up to handle a wide variety of different electrical tasks, there will more than likely be a time where you’ll need to make a change to this system or repair a part that has stopped working properly. When this happens, the experienced electricians at Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric are just a phone call away!

For years, you’ve trusted the experts at Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric to handle your heating, cooling, and plumbing issues, and today we’re proud to offer the same quality of service and exceptional workmanship customers have come to know and love for your electrical equipment as well. Whether it’s a small issue like installing a new outlet so you can plug in that lamp where you want to across the room or outfitting your bedrooms with new, energy-saving ceiling fans, no project is too small or too large for us to handle. We can even assist you with specialized equipment like high-voltage lines, phone wires, or data cables. Whether it’s a new installation or updating an old one, you can trust us to get it done right.

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We’ll Take Your Electrical Project

While electrical connections may seem simple, the truth is DIY projects are one of the leading sources of electrical injuries every year. Unless you have the tools and training to handle the job properly, you’re putting yourself at immense risk just by trying. By having a professional do the job the first time, you’ll save time, save headaches, save money on having to have someone fix a job that isn’t done right, and you’ll have the work done in accordance with local building codes.

We can help with each of the following:

  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Recessed lighting installation
  • Speaker or sound wire installation
  • Data cable installation

We can even assist you with a complete electrical remodel if need be. If you live in an older home, wires may be wearing out, connections growing thin, and the only way to resolve the issues is to completely overhaul your existing electrical infrastructure. Our Dallas-Fort Worth interior electrical service team can tackle this massive project quickly and bring your electrical system up to current standards so you don’t have to worry about overloading circuit as we become more and more dependent on electricity in our normal lives.

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At Bacon Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we take pride in delivering exceptional service. Our professional technicians provide upfront pricing before doing any work, and we guarantee high-quality, on-time services at an affordable rate.

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