Remodeling can be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding project. After months of hard work, you get to look at the space before you and feel ultimate satisfaction, knowing you accomplished an incredible task. A home, kitchen, or bathroom, remodel should feel gratifying, especially when you’ve taken the time to consider every detail, from your tile selection to your new toilet.

Over the years, Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric experts have seen remodel projects go right and go wrong. Only when their project is almost complete, do some homeowners realize they’ve neglected to think about their plumbing. We won’t let that happen to you.

Check out these top plumbing tips for your next remodel.

New fixtures or old ones?

Whether you’re starting a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you need to consider your plumbing appliances. Will you stick with your current toilet or sink or update them to fit your changes? If you’re replacing or moving your fixture, consult with a professional because additional plumbing might need to be updated or shifted.

Sometimes a bigger, better refrigerator is the highlight of a remodel, and we’re fully on board if that’s the case for you. Newer fridges need a water supply for fresh water and ice. Any new water-using appliance will require you to map out your plumbing system and work it into the modified layout.

Installing pipes

Your plumbing needs to be uniform to function properly. Otherwise, you could spring a link just weeks after your remodel is complete. Older homes that have never had the plumbing updated are likely using out-of-date materials, resulting in worn pipes.

If your pipes have never been replaced in your 30+-year-old home, you’ll likely have to do a complete replacement of all your lines. Aging pipes can’t be added on to, and some aren’t even up to code, which brings us to another essential tip.

Look for corrosion

Even if your plumbing isn’t that old, the minerals in our water will start corroding any sort of metal pipe. You might find a leak or water damage as you begin your remodel. Still, to be sure all of your existing plumbing is in good shape, you should call Bacon for a video inspection of your system.

Low-flow plumbing appliances

The wonderful thing about kitchen and bath remodels is all the shiny, new features. Don’t discount the comfort that advanced plumbing technology could offer your updated space. With dual-flush toilets, you could save $110 per year, depending on your current flushing system. These easy-to-use toilets make dollar sense and environmental sense.

When planning your next project, make the pros at Bacon your plumbing specialists. We offer re-piping, installation, and replacement services. Our plumbers can tell when a plumbing fixture needs to go or when you can save a few bucks by incorporating it. With our help, everybody is going to love your new layout.

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